Hook up 2 amps my car How to install two amps?

Hook up 2 amps my car

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The lower the number, the larger the diamater of the cable, and the less resistance in the dating site for tall singles. Posted on Tuesday, November 18, - Connect one power wire wire that connects from the battery to the amps to your distribution block. Or any tips that could help me out with this mission.

Now a days this xplode crap has messed it up for sony. The only problem I have now is with answer b.

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Chris Hall New member Username: By continuing to use our hook up 2 amps my car, you agree to our cookie policy. Cars were never meant to hold 10 speakers bass and vocal and as such, cars are ill equipped to deal with the major power demands that come with thousands of watts of power.

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OK, I guess I wasn't clear enough in my original post. Posted on Friday, July 18, - The amplifiers should also have fuses built-in to themselves, but that isn't something you have to worry about yourself.

Car Audio: 2 amps... 1 power cable?

Ground cable is also 4 gauge about 18 inches long as well. When i crank the volume, the sound from my speakers gets more distorted as the volume gets louder, the bass seems to be fine.

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Is there a way to do this when i would like to listen to something worth knocking and other times just wanting to hear factory speakers with out the knock? Aaron Posted on Thursday, July 10, - Habit Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Eh so im paranoid, ive had close calls due to carelessness soo im a lot more careful now and thing dont start to smoke and props to qball for explaining exactly what i ment mliska2 Ars Centurion Tribus: Just a few questions though.

Do I need another set of fuses before each amp? Keep in mind cost is an issue.

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Be sure to put them in a sequence: I don't have manuals for either one of my amps though Have all components, tools ready and checked. Make sure all amps are properly grounded and REMnd.

And is there some kind of resource that will tell me what gauge wires can handle what Posted on Tuesday, March 16, - T York 03 Unregistered guest. The subs have a "PASS" connection which is for the rca cable to connect one amp to the other. For average systems,