Naruto and hinata start dating fanfiction Naruto and hinata start dating fanfiction

Naruto and hinata start dating fanfiction

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What's your favorite color? She immediately went back to eating after wards with her head down avoiding his eyes at all costs, but her ears still remained red. Let's go Kiba," said Shino.

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Good luck with your team Naruto-kun. That's when Naruto decided it wasn't worth it.

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The morning after 4. Naruto is loved by many girls, but he loves only one shy little Hyuga.

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Naruto jumped down from the tree and headed back into the hospital at a slow pace. Naruto left the pathway to the Hyuga Complex, where Hinata lived. Naruto mentally groaned, but he stopped, as he heard Hinata gently start to sing.

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Naruto moved to the kitchen, looking to fix some instant ramen for Hinata and himself. A few minutes later, Naruto and Hinata were seated in the Golden Dragon, and had placed their orders.

Naruto opened the door to see Sakura, Shizune, and Lady Tsunade in the room.

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So before I get weird lets to go to the story Chapter 1: Opening the door slightly, he peeked in to find her fast asleep and a small smile on her lips. I must see Lady Tsu.

Chapter 11 - Clash of the Uzumaki I do not own any Naruto characters in this story. Kurenai just smiled at her former student.

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Smiling, he passed them to Hinata who grabbed them with her free hand.