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I was highly disappointed by the end of this book. But something weird is going on.

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It was just perfect. When she got to do Ilanas back-bending side-job as a nude model in Abbis. Yes, you read that correctly, Vasili.

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Mar 08, Adele rated it really liked it. Finally a female protagonist that cringes at the dark, mysterious stranger who creeps her out when he's being chivalrous with demanding force.

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It's frustrating to read. The author committed dating millionaires club assassination to the max with her love interest on the second half of the book. Will vampire and slayer be able to settle their differences and work together to bring down the evil Maverick?

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I loved the new take on vampirism, particular the guide book that Lucius presents to his betrothed. Lucius, is actually fascinating and complex.

The ending, though expected in the YA fandom, made me cringe.

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Her royal duties are nothing more than a way to get to the man she loves. I didn't have any qualms with her except that she sometimes showed doormat tendencies which maddened me a little and also the fact that her character was that of a close-minded person who sometimes refused to listen to what others had to say.

Just like a certain movie that I won't admit to owning Now, if there was going to be a sequel, that would change I can say that I was looking forward to this book.

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Anyway, our heroine Jessica Packwood aka Antanasia Dragomir was pretty likable. Premium and Free Blogger Templates. I thought the whole trying-to-get-Jessica-to-believe-that-vampires-really-do-exist-and-Lucius-is-not-an-escapee-from-an-insane-asylum-thing was freaking hilarious!!

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The book was interesting, the events flowed well, it seemed to be controlled and progress well-- then it took a turn. One of my classmates was found dead, with telltale fang marks. Never ever, in the short lifetime of my lustful dreams of sexy vampires had I ever imagined to find so much, so awesome, all in one place. There's more at stake in the betrothal, because it was calculated to cement an alliance between two powerful feuding vampire clans.

This book provides examples of:

I've gone into that before so I won't bother with that again. Boost traffic and revenue with a full suite of.

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It's far from perfect and there are minor issues with plot and pacing. It is a powerful, emotionally charged story that takes the reader on Lucius's emotional roller unicorn dating reference ride with him, and has us sitting in the sidelines, cheering him on and hoping he finds the forgiveness he desperately craves.