Nichkhun victoria dating after wgm Nichkhun and victoria dating after wgm

Nichkhun victoria dating after wgm, sunday, january 18, 2015

People like you who always find fault in whatever Khun does are just as problematic as the crazy shippers. Today I will talk about my love for The Rose and why I think you should stan them.

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Okay, just take my comment easy, since it was also meant to be a joke: Give the guy a break. I just don't understand this kind of shipping I rather have my OTP for myself or share with friends but not go to a concert and force it with banners and screaming.

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Damon January 18, at 3: THose fans see it as a sign Khuntoria is alive. Pink Lipstick January 18, at 3: P January 18, at 3: Netizenbuzz, can do a post of the K-nets' react to the 1st ep of the Real Men: A lovely place where you can share your love for Kpop with people from all over the world!

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The other couple Jung-in and Jo Jung Chi had just got married before they came on the show. Please get it straight. Jollie January 18, at 3: But she also posted "Believe in Santa" "LOL" and Bestfriend, not her fault delulu TaeNy shippers ignored the whole post and just focused on that hashtag.

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Pann being emo like 15 years old girl by posting this. Khuntorians found out the section and all bought tickets so that he would HAVE to sit there. I heard that there's a task force of supposed "SONEs" out to victoria dating after wgm anyone that's against their unnir; instead it's harmful to other SONEs; me included, and gives a bad rep.

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Khuntoria shippers need to abort that ship. But is this really true? Tiffany tagged "believe in taeny" on her IG. The main idea is that series love birds dating site different soundtracks for different situations to Now we get drama not bcs of taeny not bcsof tiffany not bcs of victoria but bcs of what he did.

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He lashes out so easily to Tiffany's fans but not at his own. Memories are fine, but let's be real Newer Post Older Post Home.

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If they're Nichkhun fans, they should be holding Nichkhun lightsticks.