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Victoria dating nichkhun, introduction

Are you dating Victoria at the moment? As Min Jae hyung explain it to me, I feel my heart sink deeper. So, are you going to drop the bomb just like Jonghyun did?

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This problem already drowns my strength and sinks my heart. They are in the same entertainment agency in China. If you let me I will post on fanfiction. I send a text message to Khun, to tell him about the news,and then suddenly, my boss comes out from his office. This is my price to pay.

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Some saw the two going to the concert together. He still froze on his seat, it makes Vic think something is happening. I Love it soooooo much, neomu joha!!

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Where did you go? Been a long time since we've heard about Khuntoria but I would always love them and would never let them go But I have to say this.

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Comments You must be logged in to comment. I like ur stories, author. Oppa only silence and not helping me.

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So, that's why i update now. I know, my career is at stake, victoria dating nichkhun, this is what I do for love.

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Now people dating sites english about our relationship. It makes me feel more uncomfortable.

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Sorry for the late update. Later the guy proved to be Changmin. At that moment, they had their pictures taken, which caused a stir among many fans of them. I feel my heart sink. Nichkhun Did something happen? I started to feel this is bad. I give him a crook smile. I think, I better drop the bomb too now.